Mayhem x Mischief


Jason looked up from the papers he was grading, looking at Calvin in aggravation. They’d fallen into their usual weekday routine – he at his desk and Calvin on the sofa, both of them grading papers or doing homework.

Except that normally it was relatively quiet; just them and occasionally the radio.  This time though…

This time Calvin was chewing gum. If he’d done it before, Jason hadn’t noticed. Calvin loved gum, chewed it and popped it all the time when they were out. But not usually while they were working.

It was driving him crazy, watching that mouth work as it blew bubbles, popped them, snapped the gum. So not helping him grade freshmen papers. “Would you stop that?”

“Stop what?”

“The gum.”

Calvin frowned. “What’s wrong with my gum?”

“It’s distracting,” Jason said, giving him a look.

“Oh.” Calvin smiled and blew a bubble.

“I have to finish grading these papers, you demon.”

“Okay, okay.” Calvin grinned but swallowed his gum.

Jason went back to working, barely noticing when Calvin got up to go to the kitchen – probably for a soda or something. He looked up several minutes later, needing a break – and was torn between gaping and glaring.

Calvin was quite happily licking an ice cream cone – bright pink, bubblegum ice cream, his favorite.

“I don’t like you.” Jason settled on glaring.

Calvin didn’t say a word, merely took a long slow lick of his cone.

Jason gave up any attempt to go back to studying, standing up and stalking across the room, straddling Calvin’s legs and bending down to taste the ice cream for himself – from Calvin’s mouth, what he’d discovered was his favorite way to eat ice cream.

Even bubble-gum flavor, which wasn’t really his favorite.

“You’re distracting me on purpose,” he said, nibbling at Calvin’s lips for any traces of ice cream.

Calvin pushed him away to lick more ice cream from his cone. “I finished all my homework.” His eyes glittered in amusement, as he took another long, slow lick.

“I really don’t like you.”

“Uh huh,” Calvin replied, licking his lips.

Jason groaned. “You are so entirely helping me grade papers later.”

“Sure.” Calvin managed with a laugh, as Jason dragged him up and to the bedroom.


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