Mayhem x Mischief

Gum Code

Calvin loved gum. Jason had seen guys, girls, adults, kids enthuse and obsess over many things; some were weirder than others and many were far stranger than gum.

Certainly Star Wars and toy rockets had never made him Mr. Popular.

But gum still seemed random. It wasn’t that Calvin liked or loved gum that boggled Jason – it was the fact that he was a connisseur. He hadn’t known you could be that expert about something that was simply chewed. But it was also perfecty in keeping with Calvin that he liked something so completely frivolous.

He had every flavor of gum under the sun. If he didn’t have it, he knew where and how to get it. Jason had seen a few that weren’t even in english. There were never fewer than six packs of gum in his bag at any given time and there were days where he’d seen twice that.

Not that he had any complaints. Oh, no. It always meant he never knew quite what he was going to get whenever he kissed Calvin.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He knew to a point.

Calvin chewed sour gum when he was in a bad mood, or stressing out over something. Lemon or sour apple or truly tart tripple berry. Wow did that one linger on the tongue.

Angry Calvin chewed Cinnamon gum like nobody’s business. Jason had once watched him kill an entire twenty-four pack in as many hours, after a student had attempted to steal his ideas and then tried to claim Calvin was the one in the wrong.

He preferred fruity stuff when he was workng on his art, be it painting or sculpting or other. Fruit punch, strawberry splash, or super watermelon – Jason’s favorite.

Classic bubblegum was study gum, and Calvin liked to blow bubbles mercilessly until Jason went crazy and then he finally stopped. The brat.

Sweet flavors were preferred for mischief, especilly cotton candy. Jason wasn’t quite sure what that meant. He wasn’t going to argue though.

Weird flavors were normal Calvin, in a good mood, doing nothing in particular. Blue raspberry and tuiti fruiti, gums with wild colors, strange names and stranger flavors. Those were always interesting.

But mint. Oh, lord did he love and hate it when Calvin chewed mint. Because it was damned difficult to go anywhere near anything mint these days. He was pretty sure he was the only one who knew Calvin’s gum code and he knew he was the only one who realized that Calvin only chewed mint – be it peppermint, spearmint, winto-green or some other variation – when he was horny.

Jason had given up gum all together. Chewing it wasn’t half so interesting as figuring out which flavor in particular Calvin had at any given moment.


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