Mayhem x Mischief

Movie Night

“Kill the girl! Kill the girl!” Calvin shouted at the movie they were watching, snarling in frustration when the half-naked blonde on the screen blundered her way to safety yet again. “Argh, why do the stupid women always win in these things?”

“They’re too stupid to die?” Jason asked with a grin, eyes more on the man pressed against him on the couch than on the zombies and blonde bimbo on the TV.  He let his free hand wander, fingers tracing random patterns along Calvin’s ribs and side, the other propping his own head up so he could see both Calvin and the movie.

He loved the way Calvin squirmed just a bit, trying not to show that it sort of tickled, sort of felt nice, and let his fingers wander down to end of the shirt, only to sneak under it and then back up.

Then Calvin did squirm, twisting until he’d trapped Jason’s hand between their bodies. “I’m trying to watch the movie.”

“I’m trying to distract you,” Jason said with a grin. “Guess which one of us is winning.”

Calvin somehow how managed to plant an elbow in Jason’s ribs before turning back so that he was half facing the movie. The problem, Jason thought, with dating someone as skinny as he was, was that Calvin knew all too well how to inflict harm on a bony person.

Like a bony elbow between Jason’s ribs.

“You’re so feisty when we watch zombie movies.”

Calvin smiled, though his eyes were still on the blonde woman – currently primping in a mirror but somehow not noticing the zombie standing right behind her. “That’s because these stupid women always save the day despite the fact that they probably get lost in their own house. And they get the guy. Are all straight men that stupid?”

“Maybe they’re just that desperate?” Jason asked absently, nibbling at Calvin’s ear.

“Stop that,” Calvin said.

“Make me,” Jason replied, smirking.

Calvin twisted to look at him again, leaning up to kiss Jason hard on the mouth. “I haven’t seen this one. How about I bribe you?”

“What sort of bribe are we talking?” Jason asked, more interested in the way Calvin’s mouth still tasted like popcorn and bubblegum ice cream.

“Let me finish watching this movie and then we’ll watch Star Wars.” Calvin licked Jason’s lips, and pulled back smirking.

Jason remembered what happened the last time they’d watched his favorite movies. “Consider me bribed.”

“Good,” Calvin said, and turned back around to watch his zombie movie.


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