Mayhem x Mischief

Spaceman Spiff

A hand grabbed his wrist and held fast, then Calvin was yanked back and pushed into the wall. He gasped in surprise, but quickly fell silent at the grin on Jason’s face.

“Well, well,” Jason said, eyes gleaming with pure mischief as he pinned both of Calvin’s wrists to the wall, though the grip was light. “What have we here? Spaceman Spiff with his guard down.”

Calvin grinned in challenge, suddenly glad they’d decided to attend the stupid costume party. Jason had been running late, and had said he’d find him here – this wasn’t what Calvin had expected, but he’d gladly go with it.

Not to mention his boyfriend – he had a boyfriend, and it was sort of scary how happy that thought made him – looked rather good. As in he wanted to jump Jason and do naughty things good.

Though, he didn’t remember Zorgs looking quite like this in the comic book. Then again, he hadn’t yet revealed the Zorg Prince. He could probably modify his designs, cause yeah he liked this version.

He’d have to make Jason wear the costume lots. On most the tight green fabric probably would have looked silly, but Jason was just enough of an outdoor geek that the fabric molded rather nicely. The Zorg symbol was done in gold, right over his heart, and Jason had left his hair kinda messy. His face was mostly hidden by a green half-mask.

Calvin approved.

He realized suddenly that somewhere in the initial surprise he’d swallowed his triple-mint gum. “Zorg Prince, you’re no threat to me.”

“Oh, no? I seem to have you right where I want you, filthy Spaceman.” Jason leaned in closer. “None of your tricks will work, this night. Tomorrow, my mother will feast upon your flesh.”

“Ha! No Zorg scum will ever defeat me! You are merely fallen into my nefarious trap!”

Keeping a straight face was hard, because they really did sound silly – but not so silly that he wasn’t painfully hard, thinking of all the evil, evil things he could do to his Zorg Prince.

Leather pants. It had been a mistake to wear them, except he’d seen the way Jason looked at his ass when he’d tried them on. The store clerk had giggled at them, god girls always giggled at them – but he’d bought them.

Licking his lips, Calvin shoved, sending Jason back, pinning him to the opposite wall of the hallway. Jason might like the outdoors, but Calvin loved them. Besides, Spaceman Spiff kicked Zorg ass every day of the week. That put an Intrepid Explorer in damned good shape.

“Are you certain you’ve not fallen into the trap, Spaceman Spiff?” Jason replied.

Calvin smirked and pressed a bit closer, almost gasping as that brought their cocks together. “Positive.”

“Interesting raygun, Spiff,” Jason said, and Calvin had to lean in to kiss him to keep from laughing. Oh, chocolate. Calvin freed Jason’s wrists to wrap his arms around Jason’s neck, tongue sweeping Jason’s mouth, tasting chocolate mingled with Jason, a fine combination.

Hands were on his ass, fondling it through the tight leather of his pants – entirely too tight, he was never wearing them again, though it was tempting if they got Jason to act like this – and Calvin suddenly realized he was up against the wall again and those hands were not on his ass but the front.

Then the chocolate-flavored kisses were gone, and he would have pouted except Jason dropped to his knees and started doing evil, evil things to his cock. Calvin bit down on his bottom lip, fumbling at the wall with one hand, sinking the other into Jason’s hair.

Oh, man. They were totally in the hallway, and someone else could come upstairs any minute and he’d had no idea Jason would actually go this far.

The hotness of it would likely kill him, if Jason’s blowjob didn’t kill him first.

He clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from screaming as he came, then pulled Jason to his feet and kissed him hard. There was no trace of chocolate left, but Jason tasted even better than ever – like sex, like them.

Jason broke away and grinned. “I think I’m winning, Spaceman.”

Calvin scoffed. “You’ve fallen to the hypnotic powers of my raygun.”

They stared at each other for a moment, then burst into laughter.

When Jason tugged, Calvin went easily into his arms. “Come back to my evil lair with me, Spaceman?”

Calvin reached down and groped, then grinned. “Are you going to force me to do all sorts of evil things?”

“Very evil,” Jason said with a groan, then dragged him away


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