Mayhem x Mischief

Study Break

Calvin stretched out on top of the lab tables, pillowing his head on his arms, facing the ceiling with eyes closed.

“You’re laying on my homework.”

“It’s comfy.” Calvin cracked one eye open to look at Jason.

“Sure it is.” Jason moved closer, standing beside the table, on Calvin’s left. He pulled his glasses off and scrubbed at his eyes. “Get off, I need to finish going over these labs so we can go home.”

“Grade them at home.”

Jason shook his head. “I take them home, I won’t get them done and I’ve got enough to do over the weekend.” He sighed softly.

Calvin reached up, sliding fingers into Jason’s hair, tugging him down for a kiss.

“Mmm….” Jason all but melted, arms coming up to rest across whatever of Calvin they could reach. “Is that peach?” he asked, referring to the flavor of gum that lingered in his mouth. He licked Calvin’s lips.

“Was drawing earlier…” Calvin kissed him again. “Peaches n’ Cream, actually.” He squirmed and laughed when Jason tickled him, but the laughs turned to groans as Jason’s fingers turned less playful.

A metallic crash and muffled laughter startled them apart, both turning bright red.

Calvin rolled off the table and curled up on the floor, face buried in his hands.

Jason grinned sheepishly at the girl in the doorway.

The girl grinned back. “I was looking for the chem labs, but if this is what the biology classes get to do then I think I’m going to switch majors.”

Jason laughed. “It’s a student-teacher thing only.”

“Oh, good. I start that next year.”

Despite the sharp kick to his shin, Jason laughed all the harder.

Winking, the girl turned and left, pointedly locking the door from the inside as she went.


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