Mayhem x Mischief

Old Friends

“JASON!” he barely managed to turn around before a rather short blur with orange hair cannoned into his chest and stuck. When he was finally no longer in danger of falling over, he shook hair out of his face and stared at the woman who was beaming up at him with, he felt, completely unwarranted glee.


“Ohmygawd, this is too weird! I had no idea you were the expert they had contracted, that is just too cool, I thought I was going to have to work with some idiot who didn’t know his ass from a router Jason this is awesome!” As her voice got faster and faster, some long-disused place in his memory threw up a card.


“Of course, doofi! Gawd, look at you, you’re wearing a suit!”

“I am not!” Jason straightened his tie self-consciously. “It’s called business casual.”

“Sure it is, hon.” Eileen beamed at him, and squeezed him again so that breathing became the Prime and only Directive for a few gasps. “You totally have to let me know everything you’ve done since you left high school…starting with why some guy with spiky hair is giving me the dirtiest look ever.”

Jason grinned. “You’re not blind or foaming at the mouth yet; trust me, that’s not even close to the dirtiest look ever.” He carefully disengaged Eileen’s arms from his waist in time to make room for Calvin, who stormed up just at that moment, to firmly place a possessive hand on his back.

“Calvin, this is Eileen; we knew each other when we were kids. She once tricked me into a field of poison ivy. Eileen, this is Calvin, my–”

He got not farther before being interrupted by a gleeful squeal. “Ohmigawd, that is so far beyond cute it’s not even funny! Aw, Jason, you have a boyfriend!”

“…yes, I know.” Jason smothered a laugh with difficulty. Eileen seemed to care not at all that they were in the middle of a crowded room, and that the rest of the team, currently working on some very fiddly electronics that were at the moment attempting to erase themselves if the frantic note for help Jason had received was correct, was all staring at them.

One of the other technicians, a woman with amazingly straight posture and shoulder-length black hair, detached herself from a machine and sauntered over. Jason’s eyes went huge as she wrapped her arms around Eileen’s waist form behind and leaned down from several inches for greater height to murmur into the woman’s ear in an obviously intimate gesture “I think we’ve stopped the hard drive from crashing completely. Why the fuck do you have so many useless programs taking up space on there anyways?”
“Mmm…probably Andy’s porn or something. If it is, go through and see if there’s anything good, yeah?” Eileen replied, leaning back into the embrace, then turned back to Jason.

“Oh, hey, Jason, you remember Phoebe, right?”


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